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Would you buy a gold plated Galaxy S4?

Were you disappointed with the plastic finish on the new galaxy S4?

I am sure many of you may have criticized Samsung for sticking with their old plasticky design on their latest device. When it comes to design, Galaxy S4 boasts of nothing new and looks quite identical to the SIII released last year. And when you have competitors like HTC offering a full metal body aluminum finish, we are sure many S4 owners must be getting jealous.

gold plated galaxy s4

But thanks to a company called Goldgenie, now you can get the S4 in a premium metal finish. When we say premium, we mean it. The company is offering the latest flagship device from the South Korean giant in gold, platinum and Rose gold finish. As you can guess, this is not the first time the company is offering a gold plated version of a device. The company specializes in gold plated iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Unlike other luxury phones, which often compromise on the device specifications, the gold plated Galaxy S4 will feature the same specs as the original one. This means that your gold plated S4 will have the same HD AMoled Screen, 13 MP camera, Quad core processor etc that the regular S4 boasts of. Moreover the device will be sim free and unlocked, so you can use it with any carrier you like.

All this while we were talking about the device features, but now let’s see how much it would cost you. Well, gold doesn’t come cheap and neither will this! The gold plated S4 can be yours for £1,700. The 16GB version of the device will be up for grabs for the above price starting 23rd May.

So, if you love gold and have the cash (really important), you might as well go ahead and buy the device as the pricetag is much less than other luxury devices in the market. Vertu Ti, the luxury android phone, which we had reported a month back cost somewhere between £6,700 and £14,000. Now, when you compare this pricetag with the gold plated S4’s price, you will know that this is a sweet deal.

Hence, if you are looking for a luxury device and are willing to spend around £2,000, make sure you take a look at this device.

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