Viber Announces Desktop app

Viber on Desktop

The free messaging and VOIP app Viber has announces that as of today all 200 million users of there service will have access to their accounts on their desktop as well as mobile due to their dedicated app. The new desktop app is part of Viber’s 3.0 update to the service which is available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms.

The Desktop app

It is available for Windows as well as Mac, unfortunately not Linux yet but fingers crossed and they will come out with an app and then they will be covering all bases. The desktop app allows you to send and receive messages and calls, but another feature was added just for the desktop version which is video calling; at the moment you can on video call from desktop to desktop.

If you were thinking of just downloading the desktop out you’re out of luck, when you download the app the service will ask you to enter a number that is already associated with the service. If you don’t have a number that links with Viber it will then ask you to download the mobile app and set up an account with the service.

Viber will sync all of your messages across both of your apps on desktop and mobile, but only the device that you are using will notify you of a new message. This is handy especially if you use skype on your desktop and phone and get annoyed by having them both beep when a new message comes in.

The Update

Viber is also launching the 3.0 update to their mobile platforms, Android and iOS will be getting video messages added to them; instead of live calling you leave a video message for them to view and then reply. Also stickers and last online status will be added to these platforms. Of course there are the standard minor fixes to the app in general.

The Android app has gone under the knife and had a facelift to separate it from the iOS app, this is to make the app feel more at home on Android instead of being an iPhone app that was just ported over.

Source – TechCrunch

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