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US Cellular has no plans to launch the 32GB and 64GB versions of Galaxy S4


Galaxy S4 has been undoubtedly the most anticipated Smartphone in the country and naturally users in the country are looking forward to its availability. But for the past few days, we have been hearing reports of a possible supply issue of the smartphone, especially the 32 GB and the 64 GB versions. Sadly, now US cellular who had confirmed earlier that they would be launching the galaxy S4 have confirmed to Gotta be mobile that they would be offering only the 16GB version to its customers.

Samsung Galaxy S4

“At this time we don’t have plans to carry the 32GB or 64GB versions of the Galaxy S 4” said the carrier to gotta be mobile.

Although the carrier does not entirely rule out the possibility of a 32Gb or 64Gb version launch sometime later, but atleast for now, you can only have the 16GB version from the carrier. This would be a letdown for most of the users especially when you only get around half the amount inbuilt storage on the device. The next generation S features take up a lot of space and end of the day you only get about 8.5GB from the overall 16GB storage.

At&t is the only carrier in the country to have confirmed the launch of the 32GB version, however still the variant is not yet available with the carrier. Only the 16GB version is up for grabs at the at&t store. Hence, if you cannot keep your hands off the latest offering from Samsung, your only option is to buy the 16GB version and use the MicroSD slot to increase your storage.

But if you are willing to wait for a few more weeks, we are sure Samsung will sort out the supply issue in some time and you may get the 32GB version from at&t as soon as it becomes available from the carrier.

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