Unreleased Nokia Lumia 928 Used to Record Private Ed Sheeran Concert

Keeping up with the Lumia 928 rumors, two nights ago in New York, Nokia blogger Mark Guim spotted the alleged unreleased Nokia Lumia 928 at a private concert hosted by Nokia.  The event featured artist Ed Sheeran, whose music was apparently being recorded using the Lumia 928.

Mark uploaded a short video of the event on Youtube here:

Mark noticed a few smartphones mounted around the room recording the concert.  The distinctive Xenon flash from the camera was “unmistakable” to Mark that led him to believe these are the rumored Lumia 928.  If the speculation checks out, perhaps after the launch of the Lumia 928, we will see promo videos from this concert from Nokia showing off its low light video capture capability.

lumia 928 lumia 928_002

The Nokia Lumia 928 is rumored to be announced by the end of this month.  It is expected to be available exclusively on Verizon.  Nokia will be holding a special event in London on May 14th with the theme of “see what’s next,” which may unveil the device.

The device will run on Windows Mobile OS, much like the Lumia 920 carried by AT&T.  The 4.5 inch display will be complemented with an 8 MP camera.

Source: thenokiablog

Via: gsmarena

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