Twitter Introduces new Features for #Music

Twitter #music

Twitter has started to roll out some new features for its #Music service for the web, the company is adding various charts to the service; for popularity and by genre. There are other charts that you can find in other areas of the service, the charts can be found in the following categories; Superstars and Unearthed. This shows that the service is putting the data it has been collecting from it’s users to good use.

The new charts will get the users and the artists more engaged in twitter and the record labels may pay close attention to these charts to see what the masses love listening to and where there is a gap in the market. It will be a long rough ride for the service to stay competitive and gain more users because of other services that have more functionality are being released by the other Silicon Valley giants.

The service works best when you log in with an Rdio or Spotify account so you can listen to full length songs on the service, if you are quite content with only using iTunes to buy music. You will only be able to listen to a sample of the song. This is the start of Twitter literally taking over the Music industry.

Source – TechCrunch  

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