Tumblr for iOS Redesigned, Looks more like Path


There has been a lot hype surrounding Yahoo possibly acquiring Tumblr in the past week, the blogging service has release an update to their iOS app with show cases a redesigned user interface that looks very similar to Path – a social network app. The Path-like interface has been available on the Android version of the app for a while now.

The tumblr app has added the stack feature which was popularized by the social network, for those of you have never encountered Path before the stacks feature is hidden within the post button. When you press the post button the many different option such as text, photos, video, links ect.

The newly redesigned app is available for download now in the iTunes store, so if you loved the design of Path then you’ll love the new post composition of Tumblr. It is really just the post composition that has noticeably changed otherwise it is the same as the original app.

Another addition to the Tumblr app that will appeal to a broader audience, they have introduced more sharing options to site that include Twitter, Instapaper, Pocket (Both read later application, where you can read content offline) and Facebook also more gestures have been added.

Below is an image of what the new addition of stacks looks like for those of you who haven’t used Path before.

tumblr ios











Source – TechCrunch

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