Tumblr Brings more Ads to Users’ Dashboard


Today Tumblr is the sponsored posts that were introduced to its mobile applications a month ago to its web dashboard. The sponsored posts are from companies including Viacom, Ford, AT&T and Universal Pictures. Tumblr’s users will be able to reblog, like follow and share the ads and the brands directly from their dashboard, the sponsors posts will be marked with a dollar sign so the users know they are paid posts.

Tumblr founder David Karp has explained that Tumblr wants to offer advertisers canvas for creative brand advertising, which is something he feels hasn’t been catered for anywhere else on the web. A statement from Tumblr said “We want to give them the space to do anything, a four-second loop, an hour and a half video, a high-res panorama, whatever they need to help them build amazing, interactive ads”.

The eventuality of advertising coming to Tumblr was going to happen whether or not Yahoo acquired them, they need the revenue to keep the business a float. Tumblr’s user base is very temperamental to change so when ads popped up on the service they took to posting to express their feelings. They ads were rolled out yesterday and now the entire Tumblr user base will receive the sponsored posts in their feed.

Source: TechCrunch

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