Top 5 Essential Accessories For Your iPad Mini

Apple’s smaller version of the iPad, the iPad Mini, is becoming popular among consumers due to its portable size and its wallet friendly price. While it doesn’t sport the Retina Display of the current iPad the images on the screen still look sharp. Its use of an aluminum chassis makes it stand out from the other 7 inch tablet models in the market today.

If you own an iPad Mini then you’ll want to accessorize it to enhance it further. Here are the top 5 accessories that is highly recommended to have for your gadget.

i-FlashDrive HD

i-flash drive HD

One of the minor problems on having an iPad Mini is that it does not have a storage expansion option unlike its Android counterparts. Those who need a large storage capacity will have to consider cloud storage options. This changes with the release of the i-FlashDrive HD. It’s a storage device that has a USB 2.0 connector on one side and a 30 pin connector on the other and also comes with a Lightning adapter. This makes it easy for you to transfer files between your PC and your iPad Mini. There are four storage option to choose from starting from 8 GB up to 64 GB with its price starting at $99.



Do you need a quicker way to type a document using your tablet? You might want to consider getting the ZAGGkeys MINI 7 which is a Bluetooth keyboard that fits perfectly on your device. Aside from increasing your productivity this accessory also provides protection for your iPad. Some of its features include

  • Only 13% smaller than a traditional Apple keyboard
  • Special function keys (copy, paste, etc)
  • Island-style keys in a sleek, unique layout

This accessory is priced at $89.99.

Belkin Car Charger with Lightning to USB Cable


When you’re travelling in your car and your iPad suddenly runs out of power you’re going to need to charge it up. The Belkin Car Charger with Lightning to USB Cable is the perfect accessory to use in this situation. Just plug it in your vehicle power outlet and it will start charging your device. It is rated at 10 Watt/2.1 Amp which means it can charge your device quickly.

This accessory costs $34.99.


dodocase elemental

If you are planning to use your iPad outdoors then you might want to protect it from the elements. Dodocase Elemental is the perfect protection for your device. This accessory is made of a solid bamboo tray that wraps around your iPad. It combines both style and functionality and costs only $79.95.

iPad SD Card Reader

sd card reader

If you’re a shutterbug then you might want to view the photos saved in your SD card on your iPad. To do this you will need an iPad SD Card Reader that allows you to easily connect your SD card to your device. This is the perfect accessory to get the photos you take from your DSLR to your iPad quickly. This accessory costs $20.

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