Tim Cook Still Thinks Apple is In the Lead




Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, believes that Apple is still in the lead, despite the huge sales number from Samsung, and Android managing to take over Apple’s sales figures.

According to Tim, who attended AllThingsD’s annual conference and spoke freely about his opinion on his company, “Arguably, we make the best PC, but we don’t make the most. Same with the MP3 player. However, with the tablet, we make the best and most. With phones we make the best, but not the most.”

“For us, winning has never been about building the most.”

Obviously those claims don’t really live to prove much, and many would say that Samsung are currently winning the game, putting Android in first place.

Cook also talked about how the iPad “changed the game.” And whilst it brought in the first real mainstream tablet, there are many other tablets out there that offer an amazing experience for a great price, such as the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire.

“We look at usage: what customers are doing. A study said there were twice as many e-commerce transactions on iPad than on all Android devices combined during Black Friday last year.

“What the numbers suggest over and over again are that people are using our products more.

It is true that Apple still have a good lead in the tablet world, but how long can they keep that up?

Personally, I think that Apple need to bring something absolutely satisfying out this year, and if they don’t, Apple will be a sinking ship.



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