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Third Quarter Apple Market Share Could Drop Unless Another Smartphone Is Released

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The global Apple market share on smartphones is in danger of dropping in the third quarter of 2013. The forecast came from Toni Sacconaghi, a known analyst from the Sanford Bernstein firm. He predicted that the company’s slice in the worldwide market for smartphones may hit a rate of only less than 10% for the third quarter.

The Solution

However, the analyst said that the event can be thwarted if a new smartphone is introduced by then. Another solution for the impending loss in global shares is by introducing a new smartphone that is more affordable than its current product.

The Reason Behind the Apple World Market Share Forecast

Sacconaghi has a good premise for his assumption if the series of statistical data from the past up to the present are to be considered. He explained that while the Cupertino-based company reported a growth of more or less 7% per year, the smartphone market has increased by 36%. Thus, if the figures are to be analyzed, he said that the share of the company in the world market actually deceased year-on-year by 23% down to 17%.

Due to the speed of growth of the smartphone market and the inactivity of Apple in terms of sales prior to an introduction of a new hardware, the Bernstein analyst stated that Apple’s share will surely go down by 10% or even to a single digit.

The iPhone 5S

While the iPhone 5S is slated to go out this year, there is no definite period for its release yet. According to the source, the announcement of the new iPhone may be in September this year but it may not go out in the market until October. So, if Sacconaghi’s prediction is to be relied on, that could present a plunge in the third quarter global Apple market share for sure.

Sources: Phone Arena

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