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The Adamas and Aurora collection of bejeweled iPhone 5

iphone 5


It seems like the price of the regular iPhone 5 was a bit too low for some people. Just recently, we were hearing some news about the low cost iPhone that Apple is to launch next year for its low income Smartphone users. But it looks like Continental Mobile had some other plans. Continental Mobile’s aim is to make beautiful handsets in luxury finishes.

The Continental Mobile has prepared a new kind of iPhone 5, a kind that will mostly be accessible to the extremely rich class as it is priced extremely high. This is mainly because this new iPhone 5 has diamonds installed all over its body. There is not a single space left on the body of the iPhone 5 which is not filled with diamonds, so much so that even the buttons are made up of diamonds and so is the logo.

This makes the iPhone 5 an extremely luxurious phone to carry. The classy new look of the iPhone 5 has attracted many news reporters all round the world. It is said that the price of this iPhone 5 is about $56,000 so it can well be understood what the target market of this phone is.

They include basically those people who want their phone to stand out and who know that the phone they are carrying is a limited edition. The company says that only 10 phones of this kind will be produced. And we are not sure how many the company is actually going to sell.

This phone is basically part of the Adams and Aurora collections. Due to its luxurious nature, the phone will be packed in a special wooden box and delivered to buyers in an armored vehicle.

This is not the first time that the iPhone has come in a different design . Previously many different companies have customized iPhones for different occasions such as Valentines. And the customized versions of the iPhone have been very popular.

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