Spotify Acquires Tunigo the Music Discovery app


The music discovery startup Tunigo has been acquired by music streaming giant Spotify, this is an attempt by Spotify to protect themselves from the rise of Twitters music streaming service #Music. Spotify will run Tunigo as a normal the existing users won’t notice any changes, but what Spotify is doing is adding all of the Tunigo staff to the existing Spotify staff.

This acquisition comes as a direct action of Twitter acquiring the music discovery service ‘We Are Hunted’, they then turned their purchase into Twitters #Music, now that Spotify has bought their way into the music discovery game services like Songza will have to set their game up get again to fight for the top spot.

Acquisition Trends

When Twitter acquired the music discovery app We Are Hunted they immediately shut down the service, whereas Spotifys plan is to keep the service running and just add features such as advanced music discovery to Spotify itself.

The trend with music streaming services is to buy companies that specialize in music discovery and merge the newly acquired company into the parent company to produce a streaming service that can suggest or predict music that you would like.

Apple and Sony Could Join the Battle

This is only the start of a massive battle to become top dog of the music streaming industry, since there have been many rumours circulating about Apple bringing out their own version on a streaming service and some rumours indicate that Sony is thinking about getting in on the streaming business.

As well as running their own desktop and iOS, Android apps Spoitfy will have to maintain Tunigo that lets you browse Spotify playlists which shows you the integration of both services is already underway. Tunigo also allows the user to read music reviews as well as discover new music.

A new development to the Tunigo app is when you download the app or try to sign in to the service you will be prompted to sign in with you premium Spotify account, otherwise you wont be able to access the service; the background to the sign in page is the Spotify logo this shows they aren’t pulling any punches. Especially since it is the streaming music market is getting more and more diluted so it takes a lot to become dominate.

Source – CultofAndroid