Specs and Images of Samsung Tablet with Flexible Screen Leak

When it comes to telecommunications electronics, particularly cellular portable device, it seems that Samsung is determined to dominate all the news.  Even before the furore of their next flagship smartphone which is a month old in the market dies down, and days after the company’s big announcement about 5G, Samsung is introducing something new:  A tablet with a flexible screen.

The idea of flexible screen is nothing new; during the 2013 CES, Samsung showed off its working flexible displays prototype and most of us expected the S4 smartphone to feature this new display but it didn’t.  According to rumors that surfaced about three days ago, Samsung is introducing the flexible screen technology on a tablet and it seems to be on the works already, if not complete.

Samsung Flexible screen Tablet

The tablet, if the leaked images are anything to go by, is designed to transform into a laptop-like shape to type on the screen while the greater portion of it is at an angle to the surface.  The leaked details, however, does not mention crucial specs such as the rear camera but it is likely that it does not have one based on its size.

Details of the 10.1 inch tablet have leaked out and they reveal quite an impressive device.  The ‘bendy’ tablet is a high definition 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution tablet with a 1,6 GHz Exynos 5 Octa CPU, 2 GB RAM, a 3 megapixels front camera and an 8,000 mAh battery.  The tablet will be available in 16 and 32 GB variants according to the new leak but it will have a microSD card slot to allow memory expansion by up to 64 GB.

It’s no secret that LG as well as other companies including Motorola have been working on mobile device screens that can bend or even rotate, but the practicality of such technology is something we have to see to believe.  LG announced their first flexible but unbreakable OLED HD screens earlier this week and showed off the 55 inch and the 5 inch displays for TVs and smartphones at SID.  The 5 inch screen may debut later this year when the company unveils a new smartphone.

Based on the render images of Samsung’s new tablet on the site Mobileaks.nl, this promises to be a beautiful and interesting device and I cannot wait to see how a folded screen will still work fine.  According to Mobileleaks.nl, the images were leaked from a genuine tipster who has inside connections at Samsung.

Samsung Flexible screen

Based on the images, if they are real, a tablet with a flexible screen, bendable to make typing easier, is very practical.  However, remember this is just a rumor but one we would want to see be true.

Sources: Android Guys and Engadget. Check out the original images and story on mobileleaks.nl.

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