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Sony Xperia Z to hit a US carrier in the next few weeks

According to Sony’s CEO, we may finally see the Xperia Z on a US carrier in the next few weeks.



All across the globe, Sony’s smartphones are known for their quality built and innovative software, but when it comes to US, Sony has not been able make a mark.

But this is all going to change according to Mr. Hirai and the company would shortly release their latest flagship device, Sony Xperia Z in the country within a few weeks. Sony Xperia ZL was already available for sale, but it was not via any carrier and the only way to get it was to purchase it unlocked. In a country were majority of the smartphone sales are done through carriers, Xperia ZL surely did not get the response it deserved.

At the recent AllthingsD conference, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai said that the company would be announcing Xperia Z with a carrier pretty soon. With the increased marketing efforts from the company, Sony is expecting to get a good response from their flagship device.

The waterproof Xperia Z was announced back in CES, but till now it has not yet hit any US carrier. We have seen the device get good sales in other markets like Japan and hence, getting the device on to the carrier may boost its chances of success in the country.

According to Mr. Hirai, Sony Xperia Z was the top selling smartphone in Japan for over 6 weeks, which he considers to be a great feat especially when you know that Japan is a highly competitive and fickle market.

He further adds, “We still have a lot of stuff to do here in the market, there is no question about it.”

So, we may see more Smartphone launches via carrier in the coming months.

Well, looks like Sony is finally trying to make some amends but with the launch so late, do you think Xperia Z can take on Galaxy S4 and HTC One?



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