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Sony Xperia UL Leaks Out with Familiar Design and Snapdragon 600 CPU

Although only about four months have passed since Sony introduced the Xperia Z/ZL high-end smartphone duo for the first time, we’ve had a lot to talk about between then and now concerning the company’s 2013 line-up.

The Xperia L, SP, ZR and A have become official of late, a mystery S39h has been spotted online and is said to land in the near future, while the i1 Honami and Togari are likely to get their own intros sometime in the fall. Talk about a smartphone launch spree, eh?

Sony Xperia UL

Well, apparently that’s not even the end of it for Sony this year. In fact, another handheld has leaked out on the web, being possibly readied for a summer launch over in Japan. Internally known as Gaga while in early development phases, the thing will reportedly be branded as the Xperia UL once released.

That certainly sounds random given the new guy will be a high-ender while the OG Xperia U is a mid-end device at best, but hey, there are only so many letters in the alphabet for Sony to use, right?

Anyway, the UL doesn’t look like a groundbreaking device (as the i1 is rumored to be, for instance), but it could still find a nice, warm spot in the Android food chain above both the Xperia Z and ZL. That’s mostly due to the thing supposedly packing a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, unlike the S4 Pro-powered Z and ZL.

The rest of the “known” features include a 5-inch Full HD screen, the already customary water and dust protection, 2 gigs of RAM, 32 GB of on-board memory, microSD support and a 2,300 mAh battery, so essentially there’s nothing really new here besides the slightly upgraded chip. Oh, yeah, and the doubling of the internal storage space.

As far as design goes, the Xperia UL is definitely not the head-turner the Z is and looks more similar to the ZL, albeit the bezels seem a little thicker. In any case, the Xperia design language is a standout, so chances are this is going to sell like hotcakes if priced correctly.

And if launched globally, because rumor has it the UL could be made available exclusively to Japan’s number two carrier, KDDI. Oh, well, it’s not like the world doesn’t already have its fair share of sleek-looking, Snapdragon 600-powered gadgets, right?

Via [Engadget] and [Ameblo]

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