Sony Xperia S39h Images and Specs Leaked on the Internet

s39h 7
[Photo Source: Xperia Blog]
Pictures of the new Sony Xperia variant have been spotted recently in the Xperia Blog. According to the site, the new smartphone is known as the Sony Xperia S39h by inside sources.


Xperia Blog said that the S39h model number of the device denotes that it will sit above the 4.3-inch Xperia L and below the 5-inch Sony Xperia Z. From the images, one will notice that the screen of the device takes a backward step by incorporating larger bezels which is something that you could expect from old generation Samsung smartphones.

Another noticeable feature of the new smartphone is its front and rear-facing camera which will enable its users capture pictures or videos from every angle. Then, the casing of the leaked device is entirely covered in white, except some points that highlight its features.


There is no word yet about the release of the Sony Xperia S39h in the US soil. However, the source claimed that it will be initially offered in China.

The speculation of the same report is based on the name of the handset which still follows the old S/M/L format. The old format is still heavily used in China-bound units as opposed to the CXXXX format given to the 2013 international handsets.

Phone Arena somehow agrees that the phone will not go into circulation in the US because of its very retro style that may not have an appeal with US customers. So far, there is nothing much to say about the connectivity, processor speed or storage size of the leaked smartphone too.

Despite that, some of the photos display a slot where the MicroSD card might be inserted. This means that the users can further expand its memory using an external storage device.

More Leaked Photos

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the Xperia S39h:

Source: Xperia BlogPhone Arena and GSMArena