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Sony C190X model number leaks


Companies need to be secretive when it comes to launching their new phones. So many competitors are around that it will lose on its market strength to some extent if it’s products start getting leaked out. Something similar has happened with Sony. It was heard that Sony is planning to produce not low cost but a mid range Smartphones for its customers.

Well, atleast we are sure of one of such Phones. The model number of one of these new phones that is to be launched was leaked out. It is the C190X. We could even have access to the picture of the phone as it was posted to PicasaWeb.

Some information about the upcoming phone was revealed through the picture. In C190X, the ‘X’ indicates different models for different regions. It is expected that the phone will have an ISO of 180, a software version of 15.1.A.1.0. It is believed that the resolution unit will be 2 and the focal length would be 3mm.

Because this information and most of the other data provided in the picture reveals only technical data therefore it cannot be understood by a layman. We need to wait until we can have further details of what the ‘much awaited’ phone has to offer.

There were some rumours that the new phone will be carrying the Sony Honami camera sensor but this is not true so we shouldn’t be expecting that.

Sony has remained a very important player in the Smartphone industry especially after the launch of its Xperia Z flagship. This phone was sold at a massive rate during the first month after its launch. But Sony is in no mood to put a full stop. They want to make sure that they have an even greater market share so that they can compete more successfully.

This is a new concept coming up in the Smartphone industry as recently we also got to know that Apple was planning to launch a new low cost iPhone for its low income Smartphone users.


Source: Picasa Web


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