Songza for iOS Predicts What Music You Need to Hear


Songza for iOS wants to know what music you like and what mood you’re in for it’s latest feature that predicts the music you need to listen to due to your mood and your music tastes. Songza’s claim to fame is it’s really cool feature that knows what day and time it is and cross references that with what you’re doing e.g. working and selects a song tailored for you.

Even though Songza has a more intelligent song prediction algorithm, it is still being beaten by the big names such as Spotify and Pandora. If the service expands so that people living in the UK could access the service I would be inclined to try it out, also if they bring the intelligence of the iOS app to the web version of their service I can see their members increase. Along with the normal performance increase with the update to the app, the really cool intelligence feature was added giving their existing users a nice surprise when they updated their apps.

To illustrate how well received the app has been, the app has been downloaded more than six million times and the average rating for the app has been 4.5 out of 5 star rating, which is an amazing feat since some mainstream apps that get in the top five of the apps store typically don’t have such a high rating. Songza also has apps in the Android and Kindle stores, the new intelligence update may come soon to these platforms if it hasn’t already been added yet.

The company has come along way since its founding in 2007 in New York City to beating the major competition such as Pandora in predicting what music the user would want to listen to, other services have tried to do this and failed to innovate this much. I have tried some of the other services and they try to tailor a playlist for you but I find that these playlists just don’t fit with me, sometimes I’m in a Rock n‘ Roll kind of mood and other times I’m in Pop sort of mood but just want to discovery new bands and artists.

Songza released this information on how to use the new feature that uses the intelligence algorithm to predict songs that you want to listen to “Shake your device and tell Songza exactly what you’re up to; Songza will then find the right music to make it better. For instance, you could enter ‘Entertaining’ and Songza will find you music to soundtrack the perfect party.”

Source – VentureBeat

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