Smule’s users Record over One Billion songs in 2012


The music app Smule has been busy autotuning its users for a while now and they have released the figures that in 2012 their users combined have recorded over one billion songs and the company has generated $12.6 million in revenue, watch out with revenue like that Yahoo might offer to buy the company for one billion dollars. The company has also publicly said that it is on track for meeting its goal of $20 million for this year.

Along with the revenue stats there are some more really interesting figures, for instance the app has been downloaded over 100 million times and is actively being used by 15 million users per month, that is a lot of budding T-pain like artists. The music gaming industry at least for iOS is being dominated by Smule at the moment I personally don’t think that another app could come along and take a large amount of that market away from them anytime soon.

The way that console music gaming is going it looks like the only option to get your fix is via a mobile device; since Activision shut down the Guitar Hero devision in 2011 and Viacom sold off Rock Band, undoubtably the two giants of the music gaming industry. Smule is looking to latch on to those Guitar Hero junkies that are looking for their fix with there new app that is all about playing a guitar. Good news for all of the living room rockers out there.

Source – Gigaom

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