Sky’s Android apps hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


The Syrian Electronic Army has been a rather hostile thorn in the side of Twitter, in the past few weeks the hacking collective have taken over different media outlets and trolled the many Twitter followers.

For the most part, the SEA seems to be quite effective when taking over media outlets, but the messages sent out are pretty ineffective and even counter-productive on the pro-Syrian side, especially against The Onion.

Now the SEA has taken over the collection of Android apps Sky offers, including Sky Go, Sky+, Sky Wi-Fi, and Sky News. These have been removed from the Google Play store and Sky has said all users should delete the apps and await further information.

While the Syrian Electronic Army are not known for dropping malware, but instead writing pro-Syrian messages, it is known Android is full of malware and it wouldn’t be hard for the hackers to add some malicious code to the app.

This does show SEA’s commitment to taking down anti-Syrian agencies and they seem to be better than the average Twitter handle hacker, however, they seem to be pretty useless at making any kind of message or starting destruction.

Source: Sky Help Team


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