Scanadu Scout Transforms Your Smartphone To An Emergency Room

Scanadu, a U.S. based medical device maker, says that they have developed a device that can monitor a person’s vital signs just by holding it to the forehead for ten seconds. The device called the Scanadu Scout is a medical tricorder that is capable of detecting temperature, respiratory rate, oximetry, ECG, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and stress. The data obtained is then sent using Bluetooth to an Android or iOS device.

According to Scanadu CEO Walter de Brouwer “We are in the biggest tsunami of personalization in the world, but for medicine, we are still waiting in line in an emergency room.” The device aims to solve this by placing your body information in your own hands.

The Scanadu Scout is currently being crowd funded at indiegogo.  It is being described in the site as “Scanadu Scout, the first Medical Tricorder. A scanner packed with sensors designed to read your vital signs and send them wirelessly to your smartphone in a few seconds, any time, anywhere.”

The goal is to reach $100,000 with 30 days left but as of this  writing the contribution has already reached $256,538. Early supporters will be getting a $50 discount when the device will be released as well as a chance to tour NASA’s research park. The first 1000 people who made a contribution will be able to get the device for $149 when it will be released in the first quarter of 2014.

Scanadu is a startup based at NASA Research Park in Moffett Field.

via indigogo

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