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Samsung to open Research centre in Finland


Samsung is set to open a new research hub in Espoo, Finland. A Samsung representative said that this new research centre will be operational on June 13th. The news of this new research centre comes after figures have been published that Samsung have become more popular than Nokia phones in Finland; Finland being a Nokia’s home territory. This is a big warning for Nokia since Samsung have an event coming soon where they will unveil of their new mobile devices that include windows phone based phones as well.

The details of what exactly the facility will be doing have not been disclosed as of yet, but there have been rumours that Samsung will be getting involved with Finland’s VTT Technical Research Center. The research centre illustrates that Samsung is a massive player world wide and they are not scared to tread on a few toes to get what they want, this situation shows that even Nokia can’t stop the onslaught of Samsung on their own turf.

The figures speak for themselves Samsung’s market share in Finland grew to 36 percent during the first three months of this year where as Nokia’s  market share stayed at 33 percent. Samsung’s market share is set to rise after the event that is scheduled in June where they will unveil their new mobile devices.

Source – Engadget

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