Samsung to Manufacture OLED Displays for Google Glass Consumer Edition

google glass

Google and Samsung have come to the agreement that Google will use the OLED displays manufactured by Samsung in the consumer edition of Google Glass. This is brilliant news for Samsung as they’ve been competing with LG in the OLED display market, this contract will place Samsung in the lead between the two display manufacturers. It’s not just the ordinary OLED that Google is getting their hands on, Samsung is supplying the search giant with their high-end displays.

The CEO of Samsung Kim Ki-Nam has also commented on the deal saying that it will strengthen Samsung’s OLED business against their competitors. At the moment changes in the OLED business are bringing flexible and super high resolution displays, the next version of Google Glass might include a flexible OLED screen. The wearable technology market will be a place wear OLED displays and other such technologies can grow at a exponential rate.

The OLED displays that Samsung will be allowing Google to use in Google Glass also contain various sensors to bring augmented reality to life, this will add extra appeal to Google Glass by enhancing the experience for the user. Hopefully within the next few years wearable technology takes off and we’ll be seeing a lot more of OLEDs in watches and Glasses.

Source – CultofAndroid

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