Samsung Successfully Tests 5G Wireless Technology

If you think your 4G LTE connection is fast then you haven’t tried out the new 5G wireless technology from Samsung. The Korean technology giant has announced that it has successfully tested the fifth generation wireless technology that transmits data up to 1 Gbps on the 28 Gigahertz waveband up to a distance of 2 kilometers.

When this technology  will become available commercially people will be able to download a full length movie in less than second since the target speed of a 5G network is 10 Gbps for download and upload. Today’s 4G LTE connection can only provide an average speed of 5 to 12 Mbps downloads and 2 to 5 Mbps uploads.

One of the stumbling blocks in the implementation of 5G technology is that it requires a broad band of frequencies to operate. The signal also does not travel at long distances because it does not propagate well. Samsung was able to solve these issues by using a new adaptive array transceiver technology. This technology uses 64 antenna elements to avoid propagation loss. The company hopes that their latest work on this new technology will spark interest, research and development in this area.

Samsung released a statement saying that “Samsung’s latest innovation is expected to invigorate research into 5G cellular communications across the world. The company believes it will trigger the creation of international alliances and the timely commercialization of related mobile broadband services.”

This isn’t the first time that we have heard of work being done on 5G technology. Last December NTT DoCoMo of Japan was able to successfully test a 10 Gbps wireless connection in partnership with the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Broadcom also made an announcement last January 2012 on a 5G Wi-Fi chip that they were developing. The European Commission is also planning to invest a total of 50 million Euros to fund 5G research and development.

Samsung said that the commercial availability of 5G technology is still years away. The company estimates that people should be able to use this technology by 2020.

via nbcnews

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