Samsung pockets $40 billion in cash following huge mobile success


Samsung has been one of the two companies in the mobile business posting huge profits, with the other being Apple. The two tech companies are bitter rivals and each hold a lot of money.

Apple still holds the most in the tech world, being the second largest company in the world on market cap alone, however Samsung works in more markets and some of these are unprofitable.

The latest earning report for Samsung showed about $40 billion in cash for the South Korean electronic giant, the question is what will they do with this huge income.

Samsung detailed the areas it would be adding this cash to, this includes investments in sustainable areas like facilities, research and development and marketing to boost competitively.

This is pretty uninspiring for a report but Samsung have not been one to deal with large acquisitions and neither has their biggest rival, Apple.

Both companies have yet to make an acquisition as big as Google did with Motorola, Apple’s largest has been for AuthenTec and NeXT and Samsung’s has been for the 3% in Sharp they currently hold.

The closest Samsung has come to a billion dollar deal was for SanDisk, the two companies had the $5.85 billion acquisition set, but couldn’t deal on the price and it never became anything more.

Samsung could look at acquiring all of Sharp for next generation display technologies or a software company to start making big leaps in their skinning and app development processes.

However, for now Samsung is fine with selling millions of Galaxy smartphones and tablets, hopefully the research and development brings more to the smartphone line.