Samsung is number 1 in sales, Apple in operating income for Q1 2013

Samsung is at the top spot in terms of sales whereas Apple is winning in terms of profit globally as of the first quarter of this year in the latest findings published by the research firm Strategy Analytics.


Yonhap News from Korea notes that during the first three months of the year, the sales of Samsung handsets surged to $23.63 billion. This allowed Samsung to take the top spot from Apple, which, for its part, had $22.95 billion from the same quarter.

Apple’s sales fell $7.71 billion as compared to the previous quarter whereas Samsung’s rose $952 million.

Further down the ladder in the data reported by Strategy Analytics is Nokia, whose sales reached $3.64 billion, and in fourth place, LG Electronics, whose sales amounted to $2.95 billion.

Part of Samsung’s success may be credited to the sales figures it had gotten in China during the first quarter. Samsung was able to sell 12.5 million smartphones, a record-breaker for the South Korean electronics giant, which had never been able to sell more than 10 million units in one quarter in the country. With this, Samsung maintains its lead in China, where its smartphone sales have been rising steadily from 10.9 million units back in 2011 to 30.6 million in 2012.

Moreover, Yonhap News attributes Samsung’s growth to the increase in demand for Samsung’s high-end handsets with LTE connectivity.

By comparison, its rival Apple was able to sell 6.1 million handsets in China, falling behind Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad and China Unicom, and ZTE. It currently occupies the sixth spot, according to Strategy Analytics.

On the flipside, Apple is in the top spot in terms of operating income. The iPhone maker has a share of 31 percent whereas Samsung only has 21.8 percent. Next in line is LG, which has 4.1 percent, and lastly Sharp with 3 percent.

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