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Samsung Invents 5G Network Which Will Be Commercially Available in 2020

[Photo Source: Huanqiu]
[Photo Source: Huanqiu]
If you think that 4G is the coolest thing around, think again, because a China-based website called Huanqiu claims that Samsung just revealed that it just successfully invented the 5G network. Then, the new technology will be made available commercially in 2020.

Based on the source of the rumor, the 5G network will be capable of up to 10GB per second transfer. That means a movie with a high definition can only be downloaded in just a split second. But so far, Samsung has only tested its so-called 5G network in 28GHz band up to 1GB per second.

The news is definitely surprising because the 4G technology is still at its introductory stage in most parts of the world. In particular, China just got its 4G license. But these times, we can always expect the unexpected in the realm of science and technology because of the rapid changes in its landscape which is due to the high competition brought about by giant tech firms.


The source pointed out that the new technology could definitely pose a challenge to the movie and copyright industry. This is because violations in copyright can only be committed in a split second using the technology. The report added that a simple math would show that the number of violators will surely be more than what we are facing now when the 5G network comes into play.

The publication also explained that the new technology will surely burden carriers which will in turn force them to increase their operating expenses. Then, the operating expenses will be passed on to the customers. The same burden will be given to manufacturers and merchants too. But the bottom line is that the consumers will be the one to really suffer.

Claims Played Down by Experts

Despite the overwhelming claim of Samsung, experts were quick to dismiss it. According to TheGuardian, the test conducted by Samsung only applies to one element of the system needed to implement the 5G network. So, it is too early to say that the 5G technology is already available.

Source: Huanqiu and TheGuardian

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