Samsung Introduces SideSync, Lets Your Smartphone And PC Work Together

Last month Samsung announced a new feature called SideSync that will become available in Windows based PC’s. This allows a Galaxy device to work in tandem with a PC. The idea behind this is that you will be able to transfer data from your smartphone to PC or PC to smartphone easily. You will even be able to use the keyboard and mouse of your PC on your Samsung smartphone by dragging and copying files to it.

The tagline “PC in mobile, mobile in PC” might not be entirely accurate. While this new feature is great and makes it easy for everyone to share content to and from their PC and smartphone it doesn’t work on all PC’s. You’ll need the new ATIV line of PC’s from Samsung for this to work. If you don’t own an ATIV PC then you won’t be able to use this. You’ll also need an Android device running on Jelly Bean or higher.

If your hardware meets all the requirements then you can try out SideSync by downloading the app on your smartphone from the Samsung app store. The software on the PC side is already preloaded in compatible ATIV devices.

Here’s a description of the app taken from the Samsung site.

Side Sync can share Keyboard/Mouse of the PC with the Phone.

Side Sync is working with Samsung PC only.

Keyboard / Mouse Sharing

  •  Uses PC KBD/Mouse on the phone
  •  Uses Copy and Paste between PC & phone
  •  Enjoys Drag & Drop file transfer

Supported PC Models

  •  Global (Except Korea) : ATIV Book, ATIV Book Q, ATIV One, ATIV Tab
  •  Korea : ATIV Book, ATIV Book Q, ATIV One, ATIV Tab, ATIV Smart PC

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