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Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Forecasted to Reach 80 Million by End of 2013


The Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are definitely looking great since the device’s initial release in the market. In fact, early this May, the company announced that the Galaxy S4 sales reached 10 million in just a span of a month after its debut, according to SamMobile. Yahoo! News claimed that the revealed figures make the product the fastest-selling Android phone in history.

Obviously, the sales figures of the product will decrease as time passes. But RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue guaranteed that the Galaxy S4 sales will go over 80 million units this 2013.

The Analyst’s Statement

Citing Sue’s statement in SamMobile and Yahoo! News, he said that the demand for the Galaxy S4 during its first month of availability has been incrementally better than his agency’s estimate. He explained that it actually took the Galaxy S3 to gain a mark of 10 million in 2 months or exactly 50 days, so the new flagship smartphone of Samsung definitely fared well than its predecessor in terms of market performance.

Sue added that their networks show that the 16G S4 devices remain strong with 32G Black devices mostly sold-out and 32G White devices yet to make it to the stores. Then, he further said that the Galaxy S4 sales are likely to cross the 20 million mark in the second quarter of the year. By the end of the year, sales will be able to reach 80 million units.

Samsung Versus New Releases

Whether Samsung will reach the estimated figures by the end of the year remains to be seen because its competitors are now readying themselves to introduce their new smartphones. For instance, Apple is rumored to debut its iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 late this year. On the other hand, Motorola and HTC are planning to bring out their new products before the end of 2013.

Sources: SamMobile and Yahoo! News

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