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Samsung Galaxy S4 on US Cellular to get an update soon


You may have just received your Galaxy S4 handsets, however most of the carriers in the country have reported that your device would be getting a maintenance update soon. Yesterday T Mobile as well as AT&T said that the device would be getting an update and it was only a matter of time when US cellular did the same. And we were right indeed, today, US Cellular announced that Galaxy S4 devices on US cellular would also get the same update.

us cellular galaxy s4

More Details on the Update

As mentioned earlier, this is just a maintenance release, so you would still be running on android 4.2.2 Jellybean. The update will bring some new features in to the device along with some stability fixes. With the update, your S Health app would be upgraded to MS Exchange fonts, Camera shoot and audio quality are some of the features which have been improved in the update. The Glove touch or the so called ‘Ghost touch’ feature on the phone would also be improved.

Given that you only get the 16GB Galaxy S4 on US Cellular, we sincerely hope that the company addresses to the issue of low storage on the device. You only get half of the inbuilt storage (around 8.5 gb) on the device which is very less when compared to other devices in the market.

The update will be rolled out sometime after Friday, so make sure that you check for the update from Settings> about phone> check for updates in a few days time.

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