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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Pictures Leaked

s4mini 09

A new variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 seemed to have broken its cover recently, thanks to a leak from a legit source in China said Android Police. The pictures of the unreleased model were initially published in the New Cell Phones blog which fueled up rumors that this could be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S4

s4mini 08

Similar to the small-sized Galaxy S3 variant, the baby version of the Galaxy S4 has the same general industrial design as the original one which strongly links them to each other. The casing appears to be smooth and rounded similar to the style of the Galaxy S4. Then, it has a carbon fiber pattern on its rear panel.

The Dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

s4mini 02s4mini 01

The thickness is no different from the newly released Samsung flagship smartphone too because it still measures 8mm. However, as seen on the photos above, it is evidently shorter and narrower than the Galaxy S4. The length of the device is only roughly 12cm while the width is around 6cm.

Other Specs of the Galaxy S4 Variant

The leaked photos also show a smaller screen. The variant will possess a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen. But the resolution of the narrower screen will only be at 960 x 540 which pales in comparison to its big brother’s full HD display.

The upcoming smartphone will have a dual-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz with an unspecified ARM chip. In addition, the RAM will only be 1GB. Plus, the camera of the S4 Mini is rumored to have around 5 to 8 megapixels.


The official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be this May said Android Police. After that, it will be released in the market this summer.

More Pictures

Check out the gallery below for all the spy shots of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini that have been leaked so far:

Sources: New Cell Phones and Android Police

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