Samsung Galaxy S4 Brown Model Spotted

brown GS4

Last year, Samsung kept introducing a continuous stream of various different colored Galaxy S3s, and it looks like they may carry on that practice this year.

A promo video for the Galaxy S4 includes a scene where a gathering of Galaxy S4 users huddle together to use the Group Play feature. Along with the already released Black Mist and White Frost variants, as well as the now announced Blue Arctic color, the scene shows a currently unannounced brown version.

Although it’s not official, just like with the S3, it’s bound to hit the market sometime soon.

While most users may end up sticking a case on their smartphone, it’s nice for Samsung to offer us a good choice in color when purchasing a new Galaxy S4.

If you want to check it out yourself, the scene can be seen on Youtube at around the 1 minute mark.

Do you think the variety of color is needed, or are you happy with the original white and black models?

Source: Sammobile

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