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Samsung Galaxy S IV breaks easily than iPhone according to tests

Drop Test S4, S3, iPhone 5

Square Trade conducted a test with the newly released Samsung Galaxy S IV, its predecessor the Galaxy S III, and the Apple iPhone 5. The test was to see which of the three smart phones could survive a drop, which is more water resistant, and which smart phone has more friction coefficient.

The first test involved dropping all the three smart phones from a height of four feet. The iPhone just got a few scratches on it, while the two Samsung smart phones cracked their screens with the Galaxy S IV getting more damaged.

The second test was a friction test to see which smart phone slides the most on a flat surface. Both the Samsung smart phones reached almost three feet while the Apple iPhone stopped slightly after the two feet mark.

The third test involved submerging all the three smart phones in water for about 20 seconds while playing a YouTube video. The Galaxy S III lost its audio, but the other two smart phones showed no damage.

The iPhone 5 became the winner with a score of 5 out of 10, the Galaxy S III got 6.5, and the latest Galaxy S IV got 7. The higher the score, the higher is the breakability.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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