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Samsung announces Smart App Challenge 2013: Prizes upto $800,000 to be won

Today Samsung has officially announced their Smart App challenge 2013. Developers interested in participating in the contest will have to develop an app using the company’s Chord SDK.

samsung smart app challenge

But what exactly is the Samsung Chord SDK?

Traditionally most of the smartphones use mobile data and online servers to create connections with other devices. However, Chord SDK allows developers create connections with other Samsung devices using the Smartphone’s wireless connection. This means that one can directly connect to another device without the use of any mobile data or online servers. The best example of such peer to peer connection used in the Galaxy S4 is the Group Play feature. This peer to peer connection has a lot of potential and can even be used for multiplayer gaming, sharing photos videos etc.

Details of the Smart App challenge:

The contest simply asks developers create a useful and reliable app using this SDK. The contest starts from June 20 to August 31, between which you will have to submit your app to be eligible. The apps will be judged on the basis of its uniqueness, commercial potential, functionality, usability and design. The judging process will continue throughout November and the final results will be announced in December.

Well, that was just some basic details of the contest. The actual thing that excites us is the amount of the winner prize.

The app which receives the first place will get $200,000 followed by three second place winners who will get $100,000 each. The third place will be shared by 6 app developers each of whom will receive $50,000. So, in all the prizes total up to $800,000. Not a bad time to become a Samsung developer for sure. The company is known to reward their developers handfully and this time around they are making sure that their good developers get what they deserve.

Also note that the app must be sold in the Samsung Apps marketplace and must use the company’s APIs for in app purchases and advertising.

The contest looks to inspire new and existing developers create some amazing apps for the S4 and why wouldn’t it? You have the opportunity to win $200,000 for a single app and this is sure to lure in a lot of new developers in their marketplace.

Apart from the monetary benefits, Samsung will promote the winning apps via their press release page and various other social media connections.

We are pretty sure that the contest is going to be a success and with thousands of talented developers competing for the same, it might be a good time to start on your app.

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