[Rumor] AT&T To Launch “All In One” Prepaid Plans This June

Those who are looking for a more flexible option on their mobile service will have another option starting next month as AT&T plans to launch their new All In One prepaid plan. The company is still in the planning stage but if everything goes as planned this new service is expected to launch this June 15.

A year ago no one paid any particular attention to prepaid. This changed as Straight Talk began to aggressively promote this type of plan. Now that T-Mobile has also introduced their “uncarrier plan” and Verizon also has its no contract option AT&T is also coming up with their own prepaid plan version. As it becomes harder to entice people to sign up for a contract carriers are shifting their strategies to prepaid.

Although AT&T already has its GoPhone, which offers prepaid services, this new All In One service will provide more aggressive rates that will attract customers. For starters the lowest available plan under this service is $35 a month for featurephones. Smartphone rates start at $50 a month.

The feature phone plan will come with unlimited talk and text messaging while data will be limited. Those who plan to get the $50 smartphone plane will enjoy unlimited calls, text messaging and 2 GB of data. Upgrading to the $70 a month plan gets you unlimited calls and text as well as 5 GB of data.

The rates are quite competitive. Let’s take a look at the competition and see which provides the best bang for the buck.

T-Mobile’s prepaid plan

  • $50 a month with unlimited calls and text and 500 MB of data
  • $60 a month with unlimited calls and text and 2.5 GB of data
  • $70 a month with unlimited calls, text, and data

Straight Talk prepaid plan

  • $45 a month with unlimited calls, text, and data

While the terms and pricing of AT&T are not final yet and may change it appears that they are providing a good option for consumers looking for a prepaid plan.

Reports say that the All In One plan will first undergo a limited testing in Florida and Texas this month before it is going to be launched next month.

AT&T has declined to comment on this rumor.

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