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Red Lenovo Intros with Dual SIM Rolls Out in the Market

lenovo s820

Just recently, Lenovo released its S820 model smartphone which is covered in a rich Spanish red casing. According to various sources like Engadget, TalkAndroid and NextPowerUp, the new model aims to target the brand’s female fans.

The Lenovo Intros Specs

Based on the reports, the new device is equipped with the Android 4.2 processor. Then, it comes with a 13-megapixel camera on the rear side, which makes it ideal for capturing vivid pictures and videos. However, the front-facing camera only has 2-megapixel resolution that is definitely lower than its 5-megapixel to 8-megapixel counterparts.

In addition, the smartphone has a 4.7-inch, 720p gapless IPS display. Plus, its quad-core processor with MT6589 SoC chipset is clocked at 1.2GHz. Add to that a 1GB RAM for added performance. It is not really at par with the top end smartphones of today from Samsung and Apple but it is still ideal for users who install average apps.

The local storage of the Lenovo Intros is also very small because it only has 4GB memory. Despite that, users can dramatically expand its external memory with a MicroSD card with 32GB storage capacity. Moreover, removing its flexible rear casing will expose a detachable 2,000mAh battery with dual SIM slots (WCDMA 2100 and GSM 900/1800/1900).

The Price

Engadget says that the device costs around ¥1,999 or $330 which is not bad for a smartphone with pretty decent features. This will let you forget about comparing it with the high-end alternatives out there.


The phone is already offered for pre-order starting today until the 2nd of June. However, it seems like it is only available overseas for now, in the Chinese territory. There is no word yet if it will be made available for U.S. customers in the near future.


If you want to get a close look on the new Lenovo S820, check out the short video below:

Sources: Engadget, TalkAndroid and NextPowerUp

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