Projecteo projector showcases your Instagram shots on walls

Projecteo, the miniature Instagram projector that achieved crowdfunding success last year on Kickstarter, is now available for purchase.


To enjoy Projecteo, one needs to go to Projecteo’s website, connect with Instagram, and choose nine photos. Projecteo converts these digital images into a custom wheel of Kodak 35mm slide film. The Projecteo team then sends to the user the Projecteo unit plus the wheel of images.

This custom wheel is slotted into the Projecteo unit, a matchbox-sized projector that allows focusing via a lens barrel. The projector works best in a totally dark room, with a wall or surface that is around 2 and a half feet away from the Projecteo.

The advantage of using Projecteo is that the photos projected are clear. Because there are no pixels involved, there is no pixelation in the resulting images.

The wheel itself costs $8.99 whereas the projector retails for $25.99. Extra wheels can be ordered as well if one believes that nine shots from Instagram are not enough. Projecteo does not place limits on how many of these wheels can be ordered.

Projecteo has the same nostalgic appeal as Instagram, which appears to be a hit among consumers. On Kickstarter last year, Projecteo only set out for a goal of $18,000, but received $87,207 of funding assistance from 2,798 backers.

Projecteo is the brainchild of Benjamin Redford, a London-based product designer who works at a company called Mint Digital. Redford is also behind a project called Olly and Molly: the web connected smelly robots. Unlike Projecteo, however, such project was unsuccessful on Kickstarter.

Projecteo is only one of the growing number of projects which attempt to take the Instagram experience from mere social networking. Already, some like Postagram are offering printing services of Instagram photos, whereas others are holding meet-ups for Instagram users.

What’s your take on Projecteo? Is it a cool invention, or an unnecessary creation?

via theverge