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Possible Sprint X Phone Motorola XT1056 Stops at the FCC

There has been a lot of talk about a possible non-nexus Android smartphone initially a project by Google and Motorola but later abandoned by Google for Motorola called X Phone and the rumors keep surfacing every day.  The newest rumor, which is the closest to the truth the stories about the X Phone it has ever gotten, is that a Sprint-bound Motorola phone with model number XT1056 made a stop at the FCC and the details show that this may be yet a new variation of the Motorola (or Google) X Phone variation.

motorola x phone

Neither Google nor Motorola has confirmed the existence of the X Phone yet, but speculations, based on real evidence, show that a Motorola XT1058 smartphone recently spotted at the FCC is the AT&T’s version of the X Phone.  Not so long after this revelation, a leaked file from Motorola mentioned another variation of the X Phone model number XT1060 which could be Verizon’s version of the much anticipated smartphone.

This newest Motorola phone model supports Sprint’s LTE bands according to the available FCC documents.  What is interesting is that alleged benchmark results reveal another Motorola with a model number XT1055 and this just is another variation of the X Phone.  The FCC documents do not reveal many details about the XT1056 although the design sure is very different from the design images of the XT1058 seen on FCC documentations.  If anything, the XT1056 design bears a very close resemblance to a Motorola Android with an AT&T branding that was spotted in Vietnam earlier this month.

motorola leaked x phone

The X Phone may just be one of the most highly anticipated smartphones now after the arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone last month but almost all the available details about its features and design are shaky.  As a recap, the X Phone is rumored to sport a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, a 1080p 5 inch (nearly edge-to-edge) screen with a sapphire glass display and possibly a 4,000 mAh high capacity software-managed battery.

The Motorola X Phone may be coming to AT&T this August according to earlier rumors and other carriers may be stocking it in October or November.  For now though, the X Phone is still a rumor, but it is a rumor that is becoming more and more real every day.

Sources:  IB Times and PHAndroid

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