Pandora Allows Streaming of Music from Unreleased Albums


The very popular online music streaming service Pandora has launched a brand new radio station on it’s service that streams songs from albums that haven’t been released yet. It’s kind of like when Daft Punks new album Random Access Memories was leaked earlier in the day before iTunes started to stream the album.

The new station is named Pandora Premieres, along with unreleased music it will also feature interviews and extra content from the well established artists to the not so well established. The streaming songs on this radio station will start to stream from their unreleased albums about a week before you can get your hands on them in retail stores; this is a great way to discover new artists and possibly genres of music.

This is a brilliant move for Pandora to keep the brand relevant, there has been a huge amount of activity in the music industry in the past few months with similar services coming out from the silicon valley elite such as Googles all access service. There have been many rumours of Apple deploying a streaming service soon but there is not rough date to expect it.

This new service will bring a new channel of revenue in to the company to keep them competitive, a swarm of new users will come flocking to the service as soon as they hear that they can listen to their favourite artists album early.

Source – VentureBeat

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