Ouya delayed until June 25


Ouya, the company responsible for the very successful Android console Kickstarter, has announced they have had product delays. The Ouya console was expected to come early June, but this has been pushed back to June 25.

Ouya still is confident they can get all consoles out to backers who paid for the Kickstarter project out before May and have them in the hands before June.

This has been one of the largest Kickstarter campaigns on record, for a small startup like Ouya, developing and shipping around 60,000 consoles has been a behemoth of a task.

Controller problems may be one of the main reasons behind the delay, with Ouya and backers experiencing sticking buttons on the controller that become jammed.

Ouya has apparently addressed the problem by simply making the button holes bigger, therefore alleviating the problem, the company states all backer units will have this issue addressed from here on out.

Early reviews of the Ouya were pretty poor and CEO Julie Uhrman has hit back saying they are still in a development stage and the Ouya should be considered a work in progress until June 25.

We expect Ouya to update the Android console every year and add software updates every few months, right now the Ouya’s biggest need is good developers and great games, something currently lacking.

Source: Ouya