Next-Gen Oppo Find 6 Could Come with Snapdragon 800 CPU and 8 MP Front Camera

Oppo might still not be a household name in the global mobile industry, but if the Chinese continue their extraordinary work of late they have a great shot at world fame in the very near future.

Their current flagship device, the Find 5, while slightly less impressive than the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One in some ways, probably provides the best bang for the buck around, costing a mere $450. And that’s while offering a 5-inch Full HD screen, quad-core Snapdragon CPU, 2 gigs of RAM and 13 MP cam.

Oppo Find 6

Pretty impressive, I know, but you should probably get ready for being swept off your feet even further by Oppo. According to trusted sources over in China, the company’s next-gen spearhead, likely called the Find 6, will come packing a Snapdragon 800 processor while rocking an 8 MP front-facing camera.

You read that right, 8 MP front cam and not rear, which is just crazy. Not to mention pure gold for self-portrait addicts and duckface fans.

The Snapdragon 800 CPU sounds awesome too, though rumor has it the Oppo Find 6 will only be unveiled in September and who knows what chip will be the hottest at that point. Other rumored features of the thing include 2 GB of RAM, the already customary 5-inch 1,080p display, NFC and a 13 MP rear snapper, so basically if this were to come tomorrow it would put the Galaxy S4 to shame.

Still, a few holes of that spec sheet have to be filled, including whether or not Oppo will be equipping the Find 6 with microSD support and a user removable battery. The Find 5 does not have those things, so the Chinese-based OEM should think long and hard if it wants to challenge all the big guys or keep its current status of fairly promising underdog.

Of course, in order to change the underdog coat for a favorite one, Oppo also needs to distribute its phones better and to ramp up production, but hopefully that’s why the Find 6 will only come in the fall. Who’s excited?

Via [Gizchina] and [MyDrivers]

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