NVIDIA’s New Handlheld Games Console Ships in June

Nvidia shield

NVIDIA showed off it’s latests offering at CES this year, the Project ‘SHIELD’ device that incorporates a physical controller with a displayed hinged to the controller, it is no longer NVIDIA’s project anymore it is a full blown product. The shield has been announced to ship in June with pre-orders that start today. The price tag for this nifty piece of gadgetry is $349, yeah that’s a little steep since you can get an iPad mini for $20 less.

Specs and its Competitors 

This is NVIDIA’s first attempt at a completely portable gaming device, this product comes after razer has released its edge and edge pro tablet gaming devices; the will cost you at least $1000 for the basic model without any of the peripherals.

The specs of the Shield runs Android Jelly Bean MR1, NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 chip, 2GB of RAM. The device has a 720p five inch multi-touch display and 16GB of internal storage, the storage capacity can be expanded via the microSD card slot on the device itself. The controller is very similar if not identical to the Xbox 360 controller it is just modified so the screen can close flat on to the controller.

The shield has one feature that sets it aside from the rest of the handheld gaming devices on the market, the shield has the ability to stream PC games from a near by computer. I do think that this feature alone will attract some interest for the shield, it will be interesting to see the product at work and if there is a noticeable time delay.

It’s Really Expensive for a Handheld Games Console 

At it’s current price point it is more expensive than an iPad mini, Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360, at that price point there won’t be a massive amount of people willing to throw their money at NVIDIA any time soon. NVIDIA have built an impressive piece of kit with the shield but it’s not fit for the demographic of gamers on the move.

If some one really wanted to game on the move i’m sure they’d rather have their gaming laptop with them rather than this with quite small five inch display especially since more and more games are going for detail and realism. The market for mobile gaming is being won by the smartphone devision sadly and at this point NVIDIA doesn’t have a chance in clawing it back.

Anyone that is really big into gaming on the go would opt for the offerings of Nintendo and Sony, they have had large success with their handheld games consoles in recent years. The Nintendo Ds series is still quite popular and Sony has come out fighting with its new Vita line.

Source – TechCrunch 

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