Now send money to friends via gmail

Now sending money has become as easy as sending an email, thanks to the integration of Google wallet into Gmail.

The new feature announced yesterday allows users to attach money into an email and they can send them to anyone they want, even non Gmail users. This feature would indeed come in handy to send or pay money to any of your friends and families.


So, how does this feature work?

Well, the process is as easy as it sounds. When they say you can attach money in your email, they mean it. All you need is a Gmail account and your Google wallet account linked with it. The rest is a piece of cake.

When you are sending an email to any of your friends or relatives, you may attach a lot of pictures and documents. In the same attachment bar, now, you’ll see a dollar icon. The icon is the attach money option.



So if you want to send money with the email, just click on that option and a small Google wallet box will open up asking you to put the amount to send to the recipient. Just put the amount you want and click send to pay the amount. It is as simple as that.


gmail money 1  gm2

Receiving money is even easier. If your email contains a money attachment, at the bottom you’ll see a Google wallet box as shown below, just click on claim money and you will get the money. The money transfer is almost instant when paying with Google wallet balance or debit/ credit card, however, it may take up to 10 days for money sent or received using your bank account.


As of now, the money attachment option will only be available on the desktop versions and if you want to send or receive money via your phone, you’ll have to log into Google wallet.

Also, the best thing about this feature is that it’s totally free. You can send and receive any amount (max $10,000 per transaction) for free provided you have linked your bank account to google wallet or you are paying from your wallet balance. But if you are paying from your debit or credit card, you will be charged a 2.9% fee ($.30 minimum). Well, not bad considering how easy it is for you to pay or get paid.

Google will roll out this feature pretty soon to all US users who are above 18. So, wait patiently till you get an opportunity to use this amazing feature.

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