Nokia Smartphones Focus On Developing High End Cameras By Partnering With Companies


In an effort to keep pace with the rapid competition in the mobile phone sector, Nokia Growth Partners is looking to invest in Pelican Imaging according to a Bloomberg report. Pelican Imaging is a startup company in California that specializes in developing cameras that are capable of delivering greater depth and ease in splicing images together. The partnership’s objective is to come up with a high end camera for the upcoming Nokia smartphones.

The bid aims to make Nokia smartphones distinct from its counterparts in the global market, which is dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung. The move is to help the company recover from its past losses and to gain back a significant market share.

The Figures

Based on the figures featured in the report, the Nokia Lumia smartphone sales went up to 5.6 million during the first fiscal quarter of the company. The figures display an approximately 1.2 million increase as compared to its previous quarterly report. But the problem is 90% of the market is dominated by the two giants, Apple and Samsung. Only 3% is left for Nokia and the rest of the crumbs are picked up by other companies.

Moves to Tip the Scale

Nokia Growth Partners, the venture arm of the company, believes that the introduction of better cameras for Nokia smartphones is a good starting point to gain leverage in the market. The array cameras and software developed by Pelican Imaging will do just that the firm added.

During the last semester of 2012, the company also acquired Scalado which is based in Lund, Sweden. Scalado specializes in the development of software for cameras as well. The acquisition was instrumental in the creation of the 41-megapixel 808 PureView technology last year which is now being integrated in the Lumia 920 and future Nokia smartphones.

Source: Bloomberg