Nokia Lumia 928 spotted on billboard

Nokia Lumia 928

Either this is a weird way of early marketing or a big mistake by the people in charge of billboards, whatever the case, we may have the conclusive evidence to show the next Lumia handset.

The Lumia 928 has not been confirmed by Nokia officials and this image could have been Photoshopped. It does look very crisp and has small details, but if someone wanted to get the full package out of this fake shot, we can see them adding the small parts.

Low Light Camera

There have been previous rumours regarding the Lumia 928, according t0 reports, it will be a small follow up from the Lumia 920 and come with a 41MP PureView camera, like the one used in the Nokia 808.

Nokia has had some of the best smartphone cameras in the industry, with the Lumia 920 PureView shooter still being one of our favourites. However, the low light quality has not been as good as the iPhone 5 and other smartphones.

This may all change with the Lumia 928, instead of a full upgrade, in build quality and components, it will be a huge upgrade in camera performance for those who care about taking photos.

Six Hour Event

We expect this will not be the only device released at Nokia’s six hour event, unless they make a meal out of the camera. We really hope they don’t and the conference is filled with exciting surprises.

Currently, Nokia is rumoured to present a new Windows 8 tablet, which has been in development for some time and the Nokia Catwalk, a new flagship with aluminium backing.

There is also talk of the Nokia EOS, the first quad-core Windows 8 phone for the market. This will give Nokia big positions in different markets, although we would like to see a well rounded device with all these brilliant capabilities.

Source: MyNokiaBlog

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