Nokia Lumia 521 Seen At Wallmart With Only $129.88 Tag

lumia 521

The Nokia Lumia 521 can now be bought at Walmart for a very affordable price of $129.88. That is definitely lower than its introductory price when it was launched.

The Nokia Lumia 521 is the smartphone that HSN launched last April 27 during its Innovation Weekend event. The product was immediately sold out which displays the overwhelming reception of customers to the new unit.

Get $20 Savings

The smartphone was originally offered by HSN at the price of $149.95. The HSN offer already comes with accessories like car charger and screen protector. But with the new deal from Walmart you will already save around $20.7 which is definitely worth the wait.

About the Offer

The Nokia Lumia 521 sold at Walmart will not be unlocked because it will be offered exclusively by T-Mobile. However, it comes with no contract obligations on the part of the buyer. This means you are free to unlock the device later so you will be able to shop around for better deals outside the network, if you wish to.

Sold Out Again

It did not take long for the Nokia Lumia 521 offered at Walmart online store to get sold out immediately. Just a few days after it was displayed, it already became out of stock. This again shows that the demand for the product is definitely high. But despite getting sold out in the online store of Walmart, it is available in some of its branches.


You can check out the product’s availability in your location by visiting the Nokia Lumia 521 offer here. But I wouldn’t wait long if I were you because it might run out again soon. Right now, this deal is the best ever for a Windows 8 phone. So, go to your nearest Walmart store now before supplies are depleted by other customers.


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Source: Walmart