Nokia Asha 501 goes official



Nokia continues to remain active in the Smartphone industry. Recently at a press conference in India, Nokia announced the launch of its new phone, Asha 501, with a new Asha platform. The design and outlook of the new 501 will be similar to that of the Nokia Lumia, a phone that has remained very popular in the Smartphone industry.

The price of the 501 is expected to be around $99 and the shipping of the phone will start in June 13. Currently, it is to be shipped in about 90 countries.

A highlight of some of the outstanding features.

The most interesting part of the phone is its new feature known as Fastlane video, a feature that promises to show the customers the past and the present. For example, it will show you the applications active, currently and the email’s received sometime before.

The 501, which comes out in red and other attractive colours, will basically have two versions.

One of them will be a dual SIM version. The users will have the option to switch to the alternate SIM without removing the battery. Also, the phone is said to have its focus on swipe events and will feature a MeeGo-like interface.

The more basic features of the phone

Unlike many other phones, the 501 has a removable 1200mAh battery. This is convenient for some users, as the company believes. Once the battery is removed, users will have access to the microSD card slot.

Nokia will provide its customers with a preinstalled 4GB memory card. The phone supports upto 32GB memory card.

The screen of the phone will beĀ  capacitive 3 inch touch screen and the back camera is 3.2 MP. The dimensions of the phone are 99.2 x 58 x 12.1mm. The phone is considered to be pretty light; it weighs only 98g.

The connectivity

The 501 has the option of WiFi and Bluetooth. Apart from these usual options it also has a micro-USB port. Currently 3G is not available however it is expected that the Asha phones equipped with 3G will also be launched later sometime. Currently, Asha 501 focuses on 2G connectivity only.


Source: Gsmarena