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Next Generation iPhone 5S/6 Will Be Released After July [rumor]

iPhone 5S

According to, Apple will not be announcing the next generation iPhone at the WWDC conference in mid-June.  Zol is reporting the following timeline:

  • May 2013: Apple will began ordering parts from its supply vendors.
  • July 2013: given the historical timeline of the previous iPhone productions, the suppliers for the iPhone parts were typically delivered within two months.
  • Third Quarter/Fall 2013: Foxconn likely would not be able to began production on the next generation iPhone until July.  Given this timeline, the iPhone 5S/6 likely would be looking at a third quarter release.

So what does this mean for the the WWDC developers conference?  Apple could delay the iPhone 5s/6 announcement by releasing the cheaper iPhone 5 instead at the conference.  Apple may also take the opportunity to announce updates to their operating system.


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