New Toshiba AT10LE-A tablet leaked

toshibaDue to immense competition in the respective industry, companies in the tablet industry have to be extremely secretive at times. They have to make sure that whatever their upcoming product is, its images or features are not leaked out before the launch. Unfortunately, many companies have to face the problem of leakage. Just recently, Toshiba, a major player in this industry had to face such a problem.

Their new upcoming tablet known as the AT10LE-A is highly awaited. Many experts believe that the tablet, running on  the latest OS of Android (Android 4.2.1) will feature some of the most amazing features which are yet to be disclosed. Unfortunately, its images were leaked out just recently.

One of the most amazing features of this tablet would be the keyboard dock. This is good news for those users who like the ‘feel’ of a QWERTY keyboard and would not mind using it with their tablet. This will definitely be of interest to such users.

The dock seems to be standalone and not connected. Although we are not sure of it, but it might actually protect the screen of the tablet when not in use, by having the dock-able keyboard placed on the screen.

The images also gave us some other hints. The sides of the tablet have slots for micro-SD cards, micro-HDMI and micro-USB. We are not sure as to what the internal memory will be, but the option of inserting another micro-SD card indicates that the onboard memory might be a little low.

The most stand-out feature of the tablet is the fact that it will feature NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 mobile chip. This chip is said to give a speed of about 1.8GHz.

Many people have been avoiding Toshiba’s tablets because there are so many other substitutes available. Therefore, if Toshiba really wants to make a name in the tablet industry, it will have to introduce features that no other tablet has before.


Source: Engadget