New Sony Windows 8 convertible revealed (Video)



Whenever it comes to laptops, one cannot avoid talking about the Sony Vaio, which has been a popular choice for many laptop users. As if the current market share wasn’t enough, Sony is in the mood of producing yet another Vaio convertible slider PC.

Some videos were leaked and they clearly show that Sony is working on a new convertible PC which is supposedly a 13 inch model. It is also believed that the ultra book will be even more slim than the previous versions. The video was taken during an internal training session going on. (video after a break)

The features

The new ultrabook will feature a backlit keyboard just like most of  Vaio’s counterparts. Also, it is said to have a 4GB Ram, a 128 GB Hard Drive and the same Surf Slider hinge as its previous version did.

The most outstanding feature of the ultrabook is apparently the battery life of the device. The ultra thin slider will give about 10 hours of battery time between charges, which is something amazing.

Many users get uncomfortable over the fact that their laptop battery does not give them enough time but this won’t be true for this new range of Vaio. The Vaio will be featuring Windows 8 and will have a new full HD Triluminos display technology.

The front camera will be of 8 MP, creating the possibility of effective video conferencing. The new gadget will have an i5 processor and will also include NFC and the ClearAudio+ sound technology. Apart from these features, the Vaio will also have the function of active sleep.

The leaked video shows that there will be a stylus available to be used on the screen. The stylus is being used in the application of Paint as shown in the video.

Because this is a leak, therefore we have no information about when it is going to be officially launched or what the price of the ultrabook will be. However, it is expected that after this leak, the announcement of the launch will be made very soon.

Source: Verge